Five Centres of Excellence to renew France’s tourist image


The creation of five Centres of Tourist Excellence, announced during the National Tourism Conference in June 2014, is a response to the need to renew and adapt France’s tourism to the changing expectations of visitors, in promising areas where France doesn’t necessarily come to mind:

The themes of the five Centres of Excellence:

These five centres have been identified as promising great international demand. Increasing their visibility by coordinating and bringing together the French offer will help renew the country’s footfall and attract tomorrow’s tourists.


A qualified person is appointed to lead and coordinate each Centre of Excellence, in liaison with the stakeholders concerned. The coordinator is initially responsible for drawing up a roadmap covering a common brand strategy and on the implementation of structuring projects that will give the theme international visibility.

The Investments for the Future Programme will contribute the amount of €15 million to fund structuring projects that will be selected by the government once this work is complete. These projects may be of different nature (showcase site, excellence initiative, tourism project with international dimensions, m-tourism initiatives, etc.) and may be promoted by private companies or public-private consortiums. The funding of these projects by the Investments for the Future Programme may, on a case-by-case basis, take the form of subsidies, repayable advances or equity.