Biological Weapons Convention (Paris, December 4 to 6, 2013)


The minister of foreign affairs will host in Paris, from December 4 to 6, a peer review of the implementation in France of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Around 10 experts – from Germany, Canada, China, the United States, India, Iraq, Morocco, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Switzerland – have been invited to take part in this transparency exercise, which will include presentations and visits to two sites (the Pasteur Institute and the National Laboratory for Animal Health in Maisons-Alfort). The goal of this meeting is to confirm the effectiveness of the implementation of the convention in France, enhance trust between the states parties and share best practices.

This innovative peer review approach aims to signal our support for the Biological Weapons Convention, which is one of the main instruments in the fight against proliferation. France consistently supports the strengthening of all universal disarmament and non-proliferation instruments.