World Anti-Counterfeiting Day (July 5, 2014)


On the occasion of World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, France reiterates its commitment to the fight against this type of trafficking.

Counterfeiting represents a threat to the health and safety of our citizens when it affects medications or industrial parts. It is also a threat to jobs and competitiveness when it competes with or tarnishes the image of French companies.

With illegal revenues of $250 billion each year, the traffic in counterfeit goods represents the second-largest criminal market, just behind drug trafficking. For criminal organizations, it represents a major source of revenue and a means of money-laundering.

To combat this phenomenon on the global level, France, along with its partners, is implementing the EU Customs Action Plan to fight counterfeiting and supports the efforts of international organizations – notably the UN, Interpol and Europol – to fight this scourge.