Military cooperation – “Jeanne d’Arc 2017” campaign (March 24, 2017)


As it does every year, the “Jeanne d’Arc 2017” campaign provides operational training for officer cadets in the French Navy.

The Mistral and Courbet vessels, which carry out this mission, entered Indo-Pacific space a few days ago for a 4-month deployment, with a British detachment on board, reflecting the vitality of defense relations between Paris and London. Just as the vessels of other navies do, French vessels will conduct multilateral exercises in order to develop cooperation and knowledge of this area of deployment, which is admittedly a long way from France, but not from our territories. The ports of call in this region will also provide an opportunity to strengthen defense ties with India, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan and Australia.

Through these exercises and ports of call in a region that includes French territories, our armed forces are exercising the freedom of navigation and are carrying out their mission to protect, provide operational presence, and promote international cooperation, as is the case everywhere. These missions reflect France’s commitment to a rules-based international order, by promoting dialogue and greater mutual understanding.