Arms Trade Treaty (26 April 2020)


The United States has announced its intention to withdraw its signature from the Arms Trade Treaty.

France, which played an active role in the negotiation of this treaty and was one of the first states to ratify it, regrets this decision.

It underscores that this treaty, which entered into force in December 2014, had been adopted by the UN General Assembly on April 2, 2013; only North Korea, Iran and Syria were opposed to it.

The Arms Trade Treaty, in accordance with its objectives, makes it possible to improve the systems for controlling the export of conventional arms and to combat illegal trafficking. The states parties to the treaty are fully committed to limiting the destabilizing impact of the uncontrolled proliferation of conventional arms around the world, notably of small arms and light weapons, and thus strengthening peace and international security.

Together with its European partners, France will continue its efforts to promote and ensure the universalization of this text.