Fight against proliferation – Launch of International Partnership against Impunity for Use of Chemical Weapons (Paris, 23 January 2018)


On January 23, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian will launch the new International Partnership against Impunity for Use of Chemical Weapons.

Twenty-nine nations will endorse a series of commitments aimed at strengthening their cooperation in the fight against impunity for those who use or develop chemical weapons. They will agree to make any information they were able to obtain on the perpetrators of chemical attacks available to the international community, international investigative organizations (UN, OPCW), and the public.

A dedicated website will be inaugurated at the conference. The partnership’s activities will be consultable on the site.

This partnership will be open to all nations that wish to endorse its objectives as part of an ongoing cooperative effort.

Although chemical weapons had disappeared for some 20 years, their reappearance in Iraq, Syria, and Asia, where they have fallen into the hands of state and non-state actors, demands a resolute mobilization by the international community.

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