Adopt new legislation that promotes women’s equal participation in the economy

The Government presented two bills in Congress regarding on matter:

  • A bill that grants universal access to nursery (childcare) for all female workers with children aged two years or younger.
  • A Labor Modernization Reform that grants women and men greater flexibility to better reconcile professional and domestic responsibilities.

Ensure that the State actively promotes gender equality

The Government has presented an Amendment to the Constitution of Chile to explicitly establish the duty of the State to promote equal rights between men and women.

Adopt new comprehensive legislation that ensures zero tolerance towards violence against women

The government is pushing in Congress a comprehensive legislation to protect women against violence. The Bill aims to strengthen institutional responses to survivors, and to prevent, address and punish all forms of violence against women, from domestic violence to violence in other areas and spaces, contributing to a culture of zero tolerance towards violence against women.

End with all discriminatory provisions against women in our legal framework

The Government presented two bills in Congress regarding on matter:

  • A Bill that modifies the marital property regime, granting both spouses the same power to administrate shared assets
  • A Bill that eliminates the current discriminatory ban on women not to marry before 270 after ending a previous marriage