International Criminal Court – Africa - Q & A from the daily press briefing (October 31, 2016)


Q - Despite your appeals, several African countries want to pull out of the ICC. After Burundi and South Africa, Gambia has now expressed its intention to leave the Court. These countries may be imitated by others. How do you respond? What can be done to stop this momentum?

A - France has expressed its concern and regret over the announcement by certain countries of their intention to begin the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court.

Combating impunity is vital to maintaining respect for human rights, reconciliation, and a lasting peace. In this regard, the International Criminal Court is playing a unique role as the world’s only universal criminal court.

We urgently call on those countries that have made these announcements to reconsider their intentions, and we stand ready to hold a constructive dialogue on the functioning on the international criminal justice system.