Conference on the challenges of asset recovery (Paris, 20 October 2017)


France and Senegal are hosting a conference in Paris on October 20 to strengthen cooperation between the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its States Parties on the recovery of assets.

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, minister of state, attached to the minister for Europe and foreign affairs, will attend this conference with Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet. Justice Minister Ismaila Madior Fall and Sidiki Kaba, minister of foreign affairs and president of the Assembly of States Parties [to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court] will represent Senegal. Forty-eight States will be represented.

Excellent cooperation between governments – particularly with respect to the identification of property held by criminals, its seizure and confiscation – is key to effectively combating impunity and enabling the ICC to carry out its mission. As with our efforts in combating terrorism and criminal organizations, traceability and the identification of assets and financial flows are decisive to the success of investigations. That is why France and Senegal proposed to host this conference, as part of their mandate as facilitators of the working group on cooperation between the International Criminal Court and States Parties.

Following the meeting, the States Parties will be asked to approve a declaration strengthening methods of cooperation with the Court. This text will be examined in New York at the next Assembly of States Parties.