France and international justice

  • The European Court of Justice and the General Court

Regarding European Union litigation, France is, all litigation combined, involved in about 140 cases, placing it among the most active Member States in the Union’s courts alongside Germany, the UK, and Italy and ahead of Spain and the Netherlands.

Cases in which France is involved may be broken down into around ten cases of breach of official duty, fewer than fifteen applications for annulment against acts of the Commission and the European Parliament, a little over sixty applications for preliminary rulings (two-thirds from courts in other Member States), three cases of appeal against General Court decisions, and over forty appeals involving, variously, the Commission and another Member State, two institutions, or a company and an institution. These cases lead France to participate in over forty hearings per year in the Union’s courts.

  • The European Court of Human Rights

Regarding the litigation before the ECHR, the share of French cases is within the standard in equivalent European countries, both in respect of cases pending and the number of violation decisions delivered by the Court. About 120 new cases involving our country are reported annually by the Court and 25 violation decisions delivered. While most of these cases are specific in nature, some involve legislative changes.

Updated on : 09.07.12