Demonstrations and Calls for the Boycotting of French Products (25 October 2020)


In recent days there have been growing calls in several Middle Eastern countries for the boycotting of French products, particularly agrifood products, and, more generally, calls to hold demonstrations against France, using hateful language at times, relayed on social media.

These calls distort the positions France has upheld in favour of freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the rejection of any incitement to hatred. They also distort and exploit for political purposes the statements the President made in Les Mureaux on 2 October and during the national tribute to Samuel Paty, aimed at fighting radical Islamism and doing so with the Muslims of France, who are an integral part of France’s society, history and Republic.

The calls for boycotting are therefore completely groundless and must stop immediately, along with any attacks directed against our country, which are exploited by a radical minority.

The ministers and the whole of our diplomatic network are fully mobilized to reiterate and explain to our partners France’s positions, particularly on fundamental freedoms and the rejection of hatred, urge the authorities of the countries concerned to dissociate themselves from any calls for boycotting and any attacks against our country, support our businesses and ensure the safety of our compatriots abroad.