"Gender, Generation and Social Cohesion" and gender partners

The “Gender, Generation and Social Cohesion”

The “Gender, Generation and Social Cohesion” is a multi-year project financed from the Priority Solidarity Fund (2013-2016, €1.3 million) aimed at improving the employability of women and young people in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

It covers efforts for the empowerment of rural women, to combat gender inequalities in labour market access, and to build the capacities of female entrepreneurs. A major aspect is dedicated to research, in partnership with the French National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) and the Research Institute for Development (IRD), aimed at creating an Observatory on Social Change in the Arab World.

Gender partners

  • The “Gender and Development” platform

The "Gender and Development" platform aims to promote contacts between the world of research, practitioners, experts and institutional stakeholders for enhanced reflection around gender and development themes. This platform, which is run by the French-speaking Genre en Action (Gender in Action) network, meets several times a year during conferences, symposiums and coordination meetings in order to discuss best practices and identify means of improving gender mainstreaming in development projects. Summaries are published following each of the platform’s meetings.

For further information (French only): http://www.genreenaction.net/

  • The Coordination SUD “Gender” commission

The "Gender” commission of Coordination SUD brings together NGOs working in sectors related to gender equality, women’s empowerment, education and health. It makes proposals to improve public policies in terms of gender mainstreaming in the different dimensions (bilateral, multilateral and European advocacy and development projects). The commission is a member of the “Gender and Development” platform and the “Gender” working group of the European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development (CONCORD).

For further information (French only):http://www.coordinationsud.org/plaidoyer/genre/

  • The French High Council for Gender Equality

The French High Council for Gender Equality, created by the President of the Republic by Decree in January 2013, aims to organize public debate on the major guiding principles of the women’s rights and equality policy and to assess public policies by producing opinions and recommendations. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is regularly heard concerning the implementation of the equality roadmap and the "Gender and Development Strategy 2013-2017".

For further information (French only): http://www.haut-conseil-egalite.gouv.fr/

Updated : May 2014