Gender equality in the new post-2015 development agenda

Gender inequalities are the major obstacle to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). All areas, including poverty reduction, environmental protection and any other MDG theme are intrinsically linked to women’s empowerment. Gender mainstreaming in development efforts is an accelerating factor in transformative processes and an effective means of achieving effectiveness and change.

Respect for gender equality follows on from France’s international commitments, the MDGs and the Rio+20 Conference. This principle is clearly affirmed in the "Gender and Development Strategy" (pg. 13): “France supports the inclusion of gender as a guiding principle for sustainable development. Only a stand-alone gender equality goal across all development areas, especially the elimination of all forms of violence against women, can drive equality forward. Special cross-cutting targets and indicators need to be defined for this.”

France is committed to gender equality being a guiding principle for the upcoming sustainable development goals (SDGs). It shares the determination of UN Women to ensure that it is integrated both as a specific goal and in a cross-cutting manner.

Updated : May 2014