Health – Foreign trade – Appointment of Jean-Patrick Lajonchère as export coordinator for healthcare products and services (February 19, 2016)

Matthias Fekl, minister of state for foreign trade, the promotion of tourism, and French nationals abroad, has appointed Jean-Patrick Lajonchère to coordinate exports of healthcare products and services, a priority area for France. He replaces David Sourdive, whose accomplishments won unanimous praise.

The role of this coordinator is to help establish a framework for the healthcare sector abroad and to promote that sector. Mr. Lajonchère will focus in particular on exporting French standards and expertise with respect to hospital care; this includes setting up clinics, assessing medications and medical devices, and improving outpatient services.

In 2015, exports in this area reached 47 billion euros, or 11% of total French exports, and generated a trade surplus of more than 10 billion. France has bolstered its position in the global trade of healthcare products and services; it now holds fifth place for pharmaceuticals and sixth place for chemicals, fragrances and cosmetics.