French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development (PFVT): tackling the challenges of urbanization through democratic governance

The urban explosion predicted to occur in the coming decades is one of the major challenges facing humanity. By 2030, developing countries will account for 95% of this rapid growth. Their cities will house 4billion inhabitants, or 80% of the world’s city dwellers. Today, 1billion men and women live in informal settlements or slums. That figure will rise to 2billion by 2030.

While cities highlight the challenges of development, they also hold solutions. They offer an appropriate framework for developing solutions, based on an integrated territorial approach, to global problems that have become too complex to be tackled on a small scale by a single actor.

France has therefore identified democratic urban governance as a strategic tool for supporting sustainable and inclusive urban development, aiming to ensure that access to essential services and employment contributes to reducing poverty and inequality.

Democratic urban governance consists of adopting a partnership-based approach to decision-making and public action, focused on local governments, which have a role to play in catalysing local development.

It is through balanced participation of all territorial stakeholders - the inhabitants first and foremost, the state, the local authorities, the private sector and civil society - that we can develop and implement policies that satisfy the needs of as many people as possible.

The French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development - (PDF, 336.7 ko)

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