Francophonie – Launch of the Francophonie Festival (March 20, 2024)


Some six months before the 19th Francophonie Summit, which France will host in Villers-Cotterêts on October 4, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is launching the Francophonie Festival. This year’s festival is unprecedented, both in its form and in its interdisciplinary nature. Taking place both in France and abroad, this six-month-long festival, which has been given the name “Refaire le Monde” (“Remaking the World”), will celebrate French-speaking countries around the world and their ability to work toward global change.

Featuring performances, lectures, discussions, demonstrations and storytelling, the Francophonie Festival will showcase talents from five continents whose work and daily activities illustrate the theme of the Villers-Cotterêts Summit : “Create, Innovate and Undertake in French.”

Forty countries and 400 partners will be taking part in the Francophonie Festival, which will culminate during the Journées d’octobre (“October Days”) held at the Cité Internationale de la Langue Française, the Gaîté Lyrique, Station F, and the Village de la Francophonie.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is proud to support this innovative festival, with the assistance of its cultural network and operators, and in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Education and Young People, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as well as all its partners.