French for the working environment

Professional French courses meet the needs of employees or employers who use or are interested in using French as part of their professional activity, and of students keen to add an international dimension to their academic career.

Tailored training courses have been purpose designed to meet this need, concentrating on the requirements of professional situations. Most of these professional French courses are designed for those who already have some knowledge of French, at a level that enables them to communicate on simple everyday subjects (level A2). Some courses, however, are open to beginners and combine the teaching of both general and professional French. No particular formal qualifications are required to sign up for a course of professional French.

Specialized French courses offer many advantages:

  • For young professionals, maximising their chances of finding a job with a domestic company that has regular dealings with the French-speaking world, or with French companies operating internationally.
  • For students, the opportunity to go on to higher education in their chosen field at universities and grandes écoles in France and in French-speaking countries, or to find an internship with a French firm.

The main specialist subjects currently on offer include: business French, French for tourism, legal French, scientific and technical French, French for the medical professions, diplomatic French, French for journalists and French for translators and interpreters.

The range of training on offer is extensive, whether in France or via the cultural network abroad and on the Internet.

French in the military sphere

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is responsible for structural cooperation with foreign States in the areas of domestic civil defence and security. It fulfils these responsibilities by implementing training, assessment and consulting initiatives, in the form of bilateral or multilateral cooperation projects, for which it provides strategic steering and overall management.

Teaching French to foreign military personnel is of particular importance in the field of peacekeeping, where a knowledge of French is an absolute prerequisite for the credibility and effectiveness of the forces engaged. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs efforts contribute to fulfilment of the undertakings given by the OIF member countries, which at the 2008 Quebec Summit reiterated their commitment to building the peacekeeping capacity of French-speaking States as a matter of priority.

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Updated : September 2012