Institutions promoting the French language


Institut Français: France’s leading agency for cultural action abroad

Placed under the auspices of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Culture, the Institut français contributes to promoting and spreading use of the French language abroad and supports the cultural cooperation and action network to implement its actions in this field.

To achieve this, the Institut Français has developed digital platforms such as IFOS, IF Classe, IF Profs and Culturethèque which can be used to support teacher training.

La Francophonie and its institutions

Since the creation of the International Organisation of La Francophonie, its members enjoy support from an institutional organization aimed at promoting the French language and cooperation relations between the 88 Member and Observer States of the OIF. The OIF’s work is focused on four main areas:

  • promoting the assets of the French language, its status and its importance in the world;
  • facilitating the use of French in diplomatic arenas of influence and in the Olympic Movement;
  • high-quality education in French and teaching of French as a foreign language;
  • digital use of the language.



TV5MONDE is a partner of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the only global French-language channel which can be accessed in 360 million households across 198 countries. It is the only broadcasting network for Francophone cultures and promotion of the French language available on all five continents.

TV5MONDE in figures:

  • 11 generalist regional channels and 2 thematic channels;
  • 24/7 broadcasting of programmes exclusively in French with subtitles in 14 languages;
  • Broadcasting in the 84 Member States of the International Organisation of La Francophonie (40% of its global audience);
  • A penetration rate of nearly 90% of households with TV, cable, satellite and IPTV in these 84 countries.

Since 1996, TV5MONDE has been developing a unique digital project,
"Learn and Teach French with TV5MONDE", offering a free and extensive catalogue of learning resources for French as a foreign language. Thousands of resources such as downloadable teacher and class activity sheets and interactive learner exercises have been created from the channel’s programmes and are available on the multilingual website.

RFI (Radio France Internationale)

RFI is a French news radio station broadcast in French and in 13 other languages, across the world’s five continents. Over 1,000 partner stations re-broadcast its programmes.

RFI Savoirs has a specific team of specialists in teaching French as a foreign language enabling the service to offer a set of teaching resources ranging from raising awareness of the French language through broadcasting bilingual series to teacher training. The service regularly collaborates with the “learning and teaching” team of TV5MONDE with the aim of offering a complete range of French-language audio and visual resources.

Updated: February 2019