OSCE - France applauds the publication of a report by independent experts on the war of Russian aggression against Ukraine (13 Apr. 2022)


France applauds the publication of the ‘Report On Violations Of International Humanitarian And Human Rights Law, War Crimes And Crimes Against Humanity Committed In Ukraine Since 24 February 2022,’ which was prepared by the independent experts, Professors Wolfgang Benedek, Veronika Bílková and Marco Sassòli, following the invocation of the Moscow Mechanism of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) by 45 countries, including France. This mechanism is designed to investigate allegations of serious violations of States’ commitments within the framework of the OSCE and to identify measures to put an end to them.

France has noted with concern the conclusions of this report, which attests to the existence of “clear patterns of international human rights law violations by the Russian forces in their conduct of hostilities.” While the report identifies violations that have taken place on both sides, its conclusions are clear: “The violations committed by the Russian Federation… are by far larger in nature and scale.”

Alongside Ukrainians, our international partners and international courts, France remains firmly committed to combatting the impunity with which these intolerable acts have been carried out. The report’s conclusions will inform the investigations that are under way with the goal of formally establishing the legal and political responsibility for the violence that has been committed on Ukrainian soil.