EU – Clément Beaune at the General Affairs Council (Luxembourg, 19 October 2021)


Clément Beaune, Minister of State for European Affairs, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is participating in today’s General Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

The following subjects will be discussed there:

  • Preparations for the European Council meeting of October 21 and 22: The ministers will examine the major issues appearing on the agenda of the heads of State and Government on Thursday and Friday. They will review mechanisms to combat the pandemic in Europe and worldwide and will revisit measures designed to contain surging energy prices in Europe as well as the digital agenda. The ministers will lay the groundwork for discussions among the heads of State and Government on such major foreign policy issues as the EU’s Indo-Pacific strategy, migration, trade, the Eastern Partnership Summit, and upcoming international events focused on the climate and the environment (COP 26 in Glasgow and COP 14 in Kunming).
  • Rule of Law: The ministers will discuss the European Commission’s second report assessing the rule of law within the EU, focusing on the independence and impartiality of justice systems, anti-corruption efforts, media freedom and pluralism, and the balance of power. France will emphasize the need for the EU to continue its staunch commitment to protect and promote the shared values and principles that underpin the European pact, using all the means provided to that effect.
  • Conference on the Future of Europe: Mr. Beaune will report on the consultation process that was just completed in France last weekend, with national input from 100 citizens serving on regional panels, and the progress of the Conference’s work at the European level in the months to come.