European Union - Jean-Marc Ayrault’s participation in the Foreign Affairs Council (Luxembourg, October 17, 2016)

Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development took part in the Foreign Affairs Council on October 17.

The discussions focused on the following points:

  • Syria: The ministers had an in-depth discussion on the situation in Aleppo, where the regime and its allies are continuing their offensive. They took stock of the most recent diplomatic developments and examine ways in which the EU can help achieve a cessation of hostilities, access for humanitarian assistance and a resumption of the negotiations for a political solution;
  • Tunisia: The EU significantly increased its assistance, as we are doing on a bilateral basis. Jean-Marc Ayrault will call for mobilization in the run-up to the international conference in support of the economic, social and sustainable development of Tunisia which France will co-sponsor together with Qatar on November 29 and 30;
  • Comprehensive security and defense strategy: the ministers prepared the decisions to be taken by the European Council in December, which will be aimed at setting out in practical terms in all areas the principle of strategic autonomy for the EU;
  • Migration: the discussions focused on the implementation of the commitments made during the summit in Valetta and on the development of “migration pacts” with the five priority countries of Ethiopia, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal.

The investigation into the destruction of flight MH17 and the situation in the Democratic Republic were also on the agenda.