Common Commercial Policy

France is a major player in the European Union’s commercial policy, alongside a number of other member States that consider commercial policy to be a strategic instrument of economic and foreign policy.

In the face of increasing globalisation and the emergence of new players, France called for the September 2010 European Council’s conclusions on European Union trade to include the principle of reciprocity as the cornerstone of equitable international trade relations, the first implementing measure of which is the legislative instrument on public procurement. The second guiding principle is differentiation as a means of recovering leverage in negotiations in such a way as to restore the balance to relations with countries that were once developing and are now emerging, and where greater symmetry of concessions now needs to be negotiated. Increasing competition in the globalised economy also translates into the appearance of new forms of protectionist measures and unfair competition that must be fought against. This is the thinking behind France’s support for the European Union’s Market Access Strategy and for active use of instruments for the protection of European interests: the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO, or the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy instruments.

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(Source: website of the Permanent Representation of France to the European Union)

(Updated: 16.05.13)