European Union – Speech delivered by Harlem Désir at the Claude Monet lycée for the pre-launch of the “Retour à l’école/Back to School” program (April 13, 2015)


Harlem Désir, Minister of State for European Affairs, will visit his former high school (Lycée Claude Monet, 1 rue du Dr Magnan, 75013 Paris) today at 2:30 pm to publicize his action in support of Europe, exchange views and respond to questions from students about the EU.

On Mr. Désir’s initiative, France is participating for the first time in the “Back to School/Retour à l’Ecole” program.

Officials from European institutions are invited to come and meet with students at schools they themselves attended in order to talk, in a meaningful way, about Europe to young people and to talk about the European integration project as seen from the inside.