European Union – Nathalie Loiseau traveling to Troyes (13 April 2018)


Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau will be in Troyes on April 13 to attend a citizen consultation on Europe.

At the invitation of the association Aube, Dialogues et Perspectives and Aube deputy Grégory Besson-Moreau, Nathalie Loiseau and Michel Barnier, chief negotiator of the European commission conducting negotiations with the United Kingdom, will answer questions from the public on European challenges in the age of Brexit. This event will be held at the Ecole supérieur de commerce de Troyes.

Citizen consultations on Europe, an exercise in consultation and participatory democracy at an unprecedented level in Europe, will be taking place in 27 EU countries from April to October and aim to help restore the connection between peoples and European construction. These consultations follow several major principles common to all the participating member states, including openness to all citizens, pluralism, and transparency.

In France, they combine:

  • discussions organized by the government but also by local governments, elected officials, and civil society (associations, companies, unions, chambers of commerce, cultural actors, universities). All such consultation projects are subject to a flexible and transparent labeling system (the address consultations.citoyennes at is now available to those initiating such projects).
  • for the first time, a large-scale digital consultation in Europe aimed at reaching a large number of Europeans, including those who do not usually speak out about Europe.
  • citizen panels to consider the quality of topics of major priority.

The website will be online as of April 18, in the wake of the citizen consultation led by the President in Epinal. It will contain all information relating to citizen consultations.