European Union –Nathalie Loiseau to be at the European Parliament (Strasbourg, 12 september 2018)


Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau will be at the European Parliament on September 12 for the plenary session in Strasbourg.

She will attend the State of the European Union speech delivered by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. This annual speech reviews the work of the European executive body and presents the Commission’s priorities for the months and year to come.

On the sidelines of the plenary session, she will meet with Guy Verhofstadt, president of the ADLE group and European Parliament coordinator for Brexit negotiations.

She will also have the opportunity to speak with the heads of French delegations to various political groups and French committee chairs to discuss issues of importance in the European Parliament, in particular preparations for the post-2020 European budget, the rule of law in Hungary, and the vote scheduled for Wednesday on the draft copyright directive. This ambitious text aims to guarantee the due remuneration of content creators in the digital age.