European Union - Harlem Desir’s participation in the EU Council of Foreign Ministers (Brussels, November 16, 2015)


Harlem desir took part in the EU Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels on November 16.

The agenda included the following points:

  • Middle East peace process: The ministers took stock of developments in the situation and identified ways to mobilize the international community’s efforts to relaunch the peace process;
  • Migration: Following the summit in Valetta (November 11 to 12) and the high-level meeting on the Balkans Route on October 8, the ministers notably worked on strengthening the protection of the EU’s external borders and on preparations for the next summit between the EU and Turkey;
  • Syria: Following the meeting in Vienna on Syria, the ministers took stock of the political transition, the fight against terrorism and humanitarian assistance;
  • Libya: The ministers discussed the situation in the country and the political process backed by the UN;
  • Eastern Partnership: the ministers discussed the situation in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.