European Union – Expansion - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (14.06.19)


Q : Are you for or against the opening of accession negotiations between the EU and Albania and North Macedonia?

A : On May 29, the European Commission adopted its annual report on EU enlargement policy. This document provides an overview of the situation of each of the countries aspiring to join the EU.

No decision has been made at this stage by the French authorities.

France is currently examining the Commission’s report and will give its recommendations based on a twofold requirement:

  • as President Macron reaffirmed on several occasions, the enlargement process must first of all take into consideration the EU’s priority of enhancement and improved functioning.
  • we must pay particular attention to ensuring that the candidate countries fully comply with the criteria specified by the Council. The enlargement process is based on stringent requirements and the candidates’ own merits, without any predetermined timeline. Considerable effort with respect to the rule of law and good economic governance is required. The reforms undertaken by these countries must be intensified in order to bring about tangible, lasting and irreversible results.