European Union - Clément Beaune’s participation in the General Affairs Council (Brussels, 22 September 2020)


Clément Beaune, Minister of State for European Affairs, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is taking part in the General Affairs Council today, September 22.

This General Affairs Council meeting should provide an opportunity to discuss the following issues:

With respect to non-legislative issues:

  • Preparation for the upcoming extraordinary European Council meeting: The ministers will discuss the issues included on the agenda of the next European Council (internal market, industrial and digital affairs policy, foreign policy – Turkey, EU-China);
  • EU negotiations - United Kingdom: The ministers will discuss developments in the ongoing negotiations on the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom, as well as the implementation of the withdrawal agreement, following the most recent announcements by the British government;
  • European coordination in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic: The ministers will discuss the European Commission’s draft recommendations regarding movement restrictions in the context of the current pandemic. This exchange of views is taking place at France’s initiative;
  • Article 7 proceedings triggered against Poland and Hungary: The European Commission will provide an update on the rule of law situation in Poland and on respect for the values of the European Union in Hungary. The states concerned will be able to provide their comments;
  • Legislative program: The European Commission will present its draft legislative program for 2021, following the general policy speech by the Commission’s president, as well as its Strategic Foresight Report focused on strengthening European resilience.

With respect to legislative deliberations:

  • European Union budget: The presidency will report on progress made in the negotiations with the European Parliament on the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework.