EU - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (08.02.18)


Q - Do you have any response to the European Parliament’s rejection of transnational lists yesterday for the upcoming elections in 2019?

A - The European Parliament voted yesterday on its make-up following the European elections in 2019. It did not retain the principle of transnational lists for the upcoming elections in 2019, despite a positive vote by the commission and the support of numerous groups and parliamentarians (368 to 274).

We regret this.

France will continue to champion this idea, whose goal is to strengthen European democracy by creating – during European elections – a debate on European and not strictly national challenges.

In the text adopted yesterday, the total number of European deputies was reduced to take Brexit into account, in a spirit of responsibility. France succeeded in obtaining five more seats to better reflect our demographic importance. In 2019 our country will thus hold 79 seats out of 705 (currently 74 out of 751). This is vital to France’s influence in Europe.