EU - Participation of Nathalie Loiseau in General Affairs Council (Brussels, 20 July 2018)


On July 20, Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau will attend the General Affairs Council in Brussels, meeting in an article 50 format to examine the status of negotiations of the withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom.

Chief negotiator Michel Barnier will present the status of the negotiations after a working session this week devoted to the remaining subjects in the withdrawal agreement and the framework for future relations. He will offer his vision of developments in the negotiations between now and October, when the withdrawal agreement must be concluded.

Ms. Loiseau will underscore the need to finalize the entire text of the withdrawal agreement as soon as possible, including its protocol on Ireland, on the basis of the Commission’s proposal. She will reaffirm France’s commitment to the negotiating principles established by the European Council, including the integrity of the internal market, the EU’s decision-making autonomy, and the balance between rights and obligations – in regard to which the White Paper published by the British government on July 12 must be analyzed. Finally, she will stress the importance of stepping up preparations in the event that an agreement cannot be reached, in line with the statement published today by the Commission.