European Union - Jean-Marc Ayrault’s participation in the Foreign Affairs Council (Brussels, March 14, 2016)


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault attended the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on March 14.

Its agenda includes the following points:

  • Iran: The ministers reviewed Iran’s respect of its obligations under the Vienna Agreement and relevant Security Council resolutions, as well as relations between Iran and the European Union;
  • Middle East peace process: Jean-Marc Ayrault reported to his European colleagues on the results of conversations he had with Arab partners during his trip to Egypt on the subject of the French peace process initiative;
  • Libya: The ministers spoke with Martin Kobler, the UN secretary-general’s special envoy. They reviewed the political situation, and particularly the urgent need for a national government to assume its duties. They also discussed the topic of individual European sanctions against those keeping it from doing so;
  • Russia: The ministers reviewed EU-Russian relations, stressing the need to pursue a relationship characterized by both firmness and dialogue;
  • Central African Republic: A crisis management plan was presented to the ministers. It is the first step in a process expected to result in the deployment of a European advisory and training mission in the country this summer.