EU - Harlem Désir attending General Affairs Council (Brussels, March 7, 2017)


Minister of State for European Affairs Harlem Désir is attending today’s General Affairs Council in Brussels.

The ministers will make preparations for the European Council of March 9-10, which will deal with the following points: promoting jobs, growth and European competitiveness; continuing and expanding the European defense; and implementing the response to the migrant crisis, particular its external aspects. Harlem Désir will stress the importance of resolute action by the EU in the social sphere and an ambitious approach to funding the European defense.

The ministers will also adopt two highly important texts to enhance the protection of Europeans:

  • a counterterrorism directive that will make it possible to criminalize travel connected with terrorist activities, their organization and their financing, as well as recruitment, public incitement and the defense of terrorism
  • an amendment to the Schengen border code, in order to establish systematic controls on the EU’s external borders.