Citizens’ Consultations for tomorrow’s Europe


From early April to late October 2018, debates and participatory democracy events will take place in 27 European countries. This wide consultation seeks to restore the ties between Europe’s peoples and European integration.

Throughout Europe, there is a feeling of disconnection between the people and the decisions made in Brussels. Many express discontent or discouragement.

It is in this context that the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, proposed initiating a Citizens’ Consultations process.

“I propose that wherever leaders choose to take this path – something I hope for most earnestly – in each of the Member States, we organize six months of democratic consultations that will be an opportunity for our peoples, throughout our countries, to discuss the Europe they want to see.”

- Emmanuel Macron, Pnyx Speech (7 September 2017)

Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs, presented the initiative at the Council of Ministers on 14 March 2018.

How will the Citizens’ Consultations take place?

From early April to late October 2018, in the 27 EU Member States (excluding the United Kingdom), both debates and participatory democracy events will be held. An online consultation will be set up in order to reach as many citizens as possible.

Common themes will be determined by a panel of European citizens meeting on 5 and 6 May.

These consultations will follow a few key principles common to all participating Member States: openness to all citizens, pluralism and transparency.

Hundreds of events are already being prepared in France, and the President of the Republic will take part in a first Citizens’ Consultation in Épinal on 17 April.

Overall conclusions will be presented to the Heads of State and Government ahead of the European Council meeting in December 2018.

Partipate online

Would you like to give your opinion on the future of Europe? Answer the 12 questions prepared by 97 European citizens from the 27 Member States.

Organize an event

Any citizen or body can propose to organize a debate as part of the Citizens’ Consultations on Europe.

Visite the website to put forward your project to the Citizens’ Consultations secretariat for approval. Organizers commit to adopting a transparent and pluralistic approach and drawing up a public summary of the debates in exchange for approval under the Citizens’ Consultations initiative.

A meeting kit and access to training videos, practical information sheets, document templates and an “ideas bank” will be provided to organizers of approved events.)]

Additional information

A map of approved events can be found on he website, along with practical kits for organizing consultations, and Background information for debates is available on the partner website

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