Promoting French expertise internationally

For the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MAEE), international expertise is a valued and growing instrument of French influence. The MAEE has therefore drawn up a strategic framework for the promotion of international expertise in collaboration with its main actors (technical ministries, public and private agencies, civil society representatives, companies (Medef: French Business Confederation), academic and research groups, etc.).

France can no longer take an approach of substituting local human resources, but rather must diversify and streamline its expertise to provide a service focusing on strengthening local institutions and developing its partners. The aim is thus to position our country at the top of the international expertise market.

At the same time, the government has chosen to drive the reform of the French international expertise system with a law on external State action (27 July 2010). This law creates an industrial and commercial public establishment (EPIC), France expertise internationale (FEI), which is placed under the supervision of the MAEE and replaces the public interest group (GIP) France Coopération Internationale (FCI).

Illust: The MINATEC innovati, 125.2 kb, 375x250
The MINATEC innovation campus for micro- and nanotechnologies brings together 2,400 researchers, 1,200 students and 600 manufacturers and technology transfer experts in the heart of Grenoble, France. © T. Chenu/Ville de Grenoble.

Updated on : June 2011