Build national capacities and partnerships

Capacity building is a vital aspect of improving educational and training system governance. French cooperation intervenes at three levels:

  • build the capacity to steer change by helping achieve consensus on reform-related goals and by supporting the implementation of the appropriate mechanisms for educational system reforms at both the centralized and decentralized levels.
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  • support the creation and implementation of instruments adapted to the reformed governance of educational and training systems, open to all national partners: creation/adaptation of a legislative and regulatory framework; production of standards concerning teaching conditions; improvement of teacher management, evaluation and inspection systems; delegation of management to territorial collectivities; strengthening of educational management tools; fund for vocational education and certification.
  • support capacity building for system management at the central and local levels by supporting an “evaluation culture” to enable steering based on result indicators.

Building institutional capacities necessarily implies developing dialogue and exchange among all stakeholders. France is particularly intent on delivering support to bodies that promote consultation and cooperation - at all levels of the education sector - between public authorities (national, regional and local) in charge of education and territorial collectivities, communities, parents, NGOs, economic and social partners and research organizations.

Updated on : April 2010