Franco - German University

The Franco-German University (U.F.A.) is made up of a network of French and German higher education establishments. It is an establishment with a campus that is spread, with the administrative seat in Sarrebruck. The university was created in 1997 by intergovernmental accord ("Weimar accord "), which came into effect in September 1999, and which lays down the legal basis of this supra-national university institution. U.F.A. is equally funded by the two governments of France and Germany.

The objective of the Franco-German University is to increase co-operation between France and Germany in the field of higher education. With this in mind it endeavours to promote relationships and exchanges between French and German higher education establishments, as well as implementing bilateral activities and projects in terms of teaching, basic and continuing education, research and education of young researchers.

In partnership with French and German establishments, U.F.A. is responsible for the functioning of training courses, doctoral schools and bilateral research projects. There are 90 integrated degree courses in France and Germany: architecture, law, economics / management, human and social sciences, sciences / mathematics / information technology, engineering science, which for the moment result in two national diplomas (double diploma).

The U.F.A. is responsible for drawing up a Franco-German diploma. 3,000 students are currently following integrated courses at the Franco-German University.

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