The French Government’s export roadmap

On 23 February 2018 in Roubaix, France, the Prime Minister announced the major goals of reforms to international export support that will be implemented by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

It will feature four simple objectives:

1. Make France’s regions a launch-pad for international via the joint support of the government and regional authorities in conjunction with all government agencies and private stakeholders.

The French government wants to make France’s local and regional authorities and stakeholders the cornerstone of public action to support exports. It is at this level that the “export battle” will be waged.

2. Develop simpler, more efficient export support by creating a single window and a shared tool for managing relations with businesses in France and abroad, along with revised stakeholder mapping (Business France, regional agencies, regional and international Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs), private stakeholders, export finance actors).

In France, regional solution platforms will bring together all export support and export finance provision. Additionally, Business France, a government agency, will have regional branches working in close coordination with regional agencies, CCIs and Bpifrance.

Abroad, government agencies will have a single point of contact tasked with handling the public service of export support and ensuring compliance with competition law.

3. Ensure greater proximity on the ground for access to public financing abroad.

4. Ensure companies have employees who are trained for international trade given that the success and sustainability of exports depend largely on the skill level of employees.

This implies broadening and strengthening programmes that are open to students, expanding French International Volunteers in Business (IVB) programmes, and training SME executives and their employees on expanding their businesses internationally.