Priority Export "Family": Sustainable Cities


The theme of sustainable cities brings together town planning, architecture and planning, engineering, construction, energy efficiency, eco-industries and urban services, mobility and digital technologies, which combine with all these sectors.

Gérard Wolf was named exports unifier for sustainable cities in February 2018.

France’s international position in the sustainable cities sector

France provides excellent-quality services in each area of sustainable cities, led by companies of all sizes, including international leaders.

This is especially the case in the sectors of water and sanitation, waste, construction, transport and energy.

Some twenty competitiveness clusters are active in the urban development sector. In 2016, the mieux vivre en ville (enhancing city living) family accounted for over €12 billion in exports for France, with a trade surplus of €2.2 billion.

Vivapolis is the umbrella brand bringing together French public and private stakeholders with a shared ambition to promote sustainable urban development internationally. This initiative is developed and supported by the French authorities and private-sector professional federations.

Key points:

  • The vision of a “French-style” sustainable city, led by public and private stakeholders unified within Vivapolis
  • All public tools which support sustainable cities in France and abroad, e.g. planning, regulations, financial support for innovation and project development, reference frameworks
  • A selection of French cities successfully undertaking sustainable urban development
  • A selection of projects by French companies abroad, in the area of sustainable cities and various other sectors (e.g. water and sanitation, planning)

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Updated: February 2018