Priority Export "Family" : Healthcare


Improving our trade surplus in the healthcare industry is a strategic step, in the face of better structured international competition.

Support from public authorities can help greatly, as there are considerable regulatory and legislative challenges, especially in regards to industrial sites.

Jean-Patrick Lajonchère was reappointed as healthcare industries unifier in February 2018.

Our position in the healthcare industry

Factors that have contributed to this success include the excellence of our training tools (researchers, engineers, medical staff), the recognized quality of our health system (emergency medical services - SAMU, health insurance smart card) and the fact that our businesses are innovation leaders.

In particular, France has industrial expertise in the fields of implants (prosthetics), technical assistance, keyhole surgery systems, in vitro diagnosis and diagnostic imaging and cardiology.

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Infographic : French Healthcare, the brand of the French healthcare industry abroad

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Updated : March 2017