Promoting France’s attractiveness

France is the world’s fifth largest economy and Europe’s second largest consumer market.

France has many assets: highly-developed infrastructure and networks, placing it at the heart of the European and global economy; competitive energy prices; a skilled, productive workforce; a sense of creativity and design; a rich and diverse culture; an efficient and affordable healthcare system; high-quality higher education, etc.

All these benefits attract foreigners to France, whether to invest, travel, study or live, and encourage foreign investors and talents to choose France to develop their projects. There are over 22,000 foreign companies in France, employing almost 2 million people.

Against a backdrop of growing globalization, it is essential to identify our strengths and weaknesses in order to further increase our attractiveness.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, alongside the Economic and Finance Ministries and the agency Business France, is fully committed to promoting the attractiveness of France. The diplomatic network is working with international economic stakeholders every day to create economic value and bring jobs to France. 

Updated: February 2018