Promoting France’s attractiveness


Attractiveness is key to bringing new companies and international talents to France, in order to develop industrial and R&D sites and create jobs throughout the territory.

France has many advantages that make it stand out in the world, such as access to a huge, vibrant market, excellent transport and communications infrastructure, a qualified, productive workforce, competitive energy prices, and an effective and accessible healthcare system. These are all advantages which attract foreigners to France to invest, travel, study, live and develop their projects.

Foreign investors prioritize France for their projects. In 2020, France welcomed 1,215 international investment projects, thus creating or maintaining over 34,500 jobs. Since 2019, France has been the leading European destination for foreign investment, according to the EY Attractiveness Survey. It has also been the number one destination for industrial projects in Europe for the past 15 years. Almost 16,000 subsidiaries of foreign companies are now based in France, employing 2.2 million people and accounting for 13% of all jobs.

What is the role of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) in promoting France’s economic interests?
Promoting the French economy and attracting job-creating foreign investments are part of the MEAE’s missions. Within this framework, the Ministry is running many initiatives to internationally promote France’s advantages, reforms and image, in collaboration with Business France and with the support of our network of embassies, which are closely liaising with economic decision-makers abroad.

Updated: June 2021