Significant boost in France’s attractiveness – EY 2018 France Attractiveness Survey (11 June 2018)


According to the EY’s 2018 France Attractiveness Survey, there has been a significant boost in France’s attractiveness.

With 1,019 foreign companies present in France, it has posted an increase of 31% compared with 2017. It is now very close to its partners, the United Kingdom (1,205 projects, up 6%) and Germany (1,124 projects up 6%), which in the past have occupied the top two spots and had widened their lead over France in recent years.

In terms of image, France has also made great strides. It is considered a country whose attractiveness is going to increase the most in Europe over the next three years, according to 55% of the foreign business leaders questioned by the British consultancy firm, ahead of Germany (45%) and the United Kingdom (30%).

With an unprecedented performance, Paris has surpassed London to become the most attractive European city for foreign investors.

Industry and R&D were the drivers of France’s attractiveness in 2017, with more than 400 projects in these sectors. This trend can be seen in the investments recently announced by Toyota, Visa and IBM, which is to create 1,800 posts over the next two years including 400 in the area of artificial intelligence.

Download the 2018 France Attractiveness Survey (in French)