Election of the Director-General of the International Labor Office (May 29, 2012)


Mr. Guy Ryder has just been elected Director-General of the International Labor Organization’s International Labor Office (ILO) following the 6th round of elections which took place today.

France offers its warmest congratulations to him and wishes him every success in carrying out his mission at a particularly significant time for the International Labor Organization. To that end, it assures him of its full support and backing.

It also pays tribute to the dynamic and remarkable campaign conducted by Mr. De Robien; the high number of votes cast in support of the French candidate at all stages of this close election demonstrates that his ambitious vision of the ILO’s future is shared by many partners.

On this occasion, France reaffirms its attachment to the prominent role played by the ILO; it will continue to work in close partnership with its new Director-General so that the ILO can effectively fulfill its mission by placing the demands for social justice at the heart of its activities.