Economic diplomacy – Thompson Reuters placed France in third position in its ranking of the world’s most innovative companies (November 12, 2015)


France ranked third in the list of the world’s most innovative companies published by Thompson Reuters.

Following the decisions of Cisco and Microsoft to choose France as the location for their investments in research and development and in innovative companies, this ranking confirms our country’s dynamism in this area.

Innovation is a key driver of growth. Special programs for innovative companies (NETVA (New Technology Venture Accelerator), YEI (Young Entreprise initiative), COOPOL Innovation) have been introduced in France. The French diplomatic network is mobilized to help companies, especially SMEs and innovative companies, to develop technology partnerships with foreign firms and laboratories.

Our embassies provide them with support abroad, notably within the framework of the French Tech initiative which promotes the entire French start-up ecosystem: entrepreneurs, investors and public entities.