Economic diplomacy - Innovation - Hello Tomorrow Challenge (Paris, April 9, 2015)


Xavier Duportet, president of the Hello Tomorrow innovators’ network, was at the Quai d’Orsay this morning to present an analysis of basic trends in scientific and technical innovation in six key sectors: agrifoods, healthcare, energy and environment, IT, materials and production, and transportation and mobility.

The ministry of foreign affairs and international development is mobilizing its efforts to support initiatives fostering technological and scientific innovation, a major growth factor, and to boost France’s attractiveness in this area. In addition to specific programs designed for innovative companies (NETVA, YEI, COOPOL Innovation), the French diplomatic network lends its support to innovative private and public players worldwide.

Hello Tomorrow, which brings together young entrepreneurs and economic figures from around the world, is hosting an international innovation competition in which 3,600 start-ups are participating, and whose results will be unveiled in Paris on June 25-26.

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