Economic diplomacy – Appointment by Matthias Fekl of Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée as export coordinator for “French-style tourism” (June 14, 2016)


Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, co-founder and CEO of the cruise-ship operator Ponant, has been appointed by Matthias Fekl as coordinator for “French-style tourism,” a priority export sector.

Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée’s experience is universally recognized. He is tasked with strengthening the visibility of French tourism firms, notably in countries with major plans to develop this sector.

He will continue the work initiated in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Over the past year, this work has involved more than 300 SMEs and mid-cap companies from the hospitality, transport and service sectors.

Around 40 firms regularly took part in ministerial visits, with initial positive results (establishment of cooperative initiatives, signing of contracts, etc.)