Africa - Economic diplomacy - Jean-Marc Ayrault’s meeting with businesses (Paris, 24 November 2016)


Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, had a meeting today with eight representatives of French businesses present in Africa, in the presence of M. Alexandre Vilgrain, Chairman of the French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN), and Etienne Giros, Deputy Chairman [of CIAN].

This meeting provided the opportunity to identify ways of improving support for business development in Africa, at a time when consumption methods are changing and the digital sector is seeing significant growth.

The African continent is destined to become one of the world’s most important markets by 2050. Today it accounts for France’s second largest trade surplus, and over 40,000 French businesses – i.e. a third of exporting companies – exported to an African country in 2015.

Jean-Marc Ayrault called on businesses to support the sustainable and mutually supportive development of the African continent.