Making international regulations an asset for the French economy

Globalization calls for the establishment of common rules, allowing stakeholders to compete on a "level playing field" and limiting "free-riding" situations.

This debate is primarily conducted in trade matters within the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in the framework of regional trade negotiations or those of the EU with third countries. But the seeking of a level playing field mobilizes the international community on many other subjects: intellectual property rights and combating counterfeiting, combating corruption, and promoting international investment, for example.

Awareness of these issues has increased with the financial crisis. The G20, notably under the French Presidency, launched a resolute action to combat tax havens and non-cooperative jurisdictions, including as regards money laundering.

In the framework of economic diplomacy, France aims to reconcile the seeking of a fairer, better-regulated globalization with the legitimate defence of the interests of its companies. In trade matters, that means taking into account its offensive and defensive interests during upcoming negotiations such as the project for the trans-Atlantic free trade agreement.

Updated on: 01.03.13