Zoom and Roblox join the Christchurch Call (06.23.22)


Since its launch in 2019, the Christchurch Call has become the leading global multi-stakeholder initiative through which leaders collectively commit to addressing the problem of violent terrorist and extremist content online.
Today, France and New Zealand are pleased to announce Zoom and Roblox as new supporters of the Christchurch Call.

Since the Christchurch Call’s inception in 2019, the number of supporters has grown each year. Over 55 governments, as well as the European Commission, and twelve online service providers now support the Call. Together, we are working to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.

"The Call is a unique multi-stakeholder initiative, as governments, businesses and civil society all have a role to play in making the internet a better place. We are encouraged by Zoom and Roblox’s decision to formally support the Christchurch Call and their commitment to participate in community efforts to make the internet a safer space. Every Internet actor must do their part to protect this common good, from social networks, to video games and video conferencing platforms. We look forward to seeing their contribution to this community which is experienced and committed to using technology for good," said Henri Verdier, Ambassador for Digital Affairs of France.

"With each new company that pledges to support the Call’s commitments, we increase the impact of our collective action. Zoom and Roblox each have a unique perspective and expertise that they can bring to our work," said Paul Ash, New Zealand’s Special Representative for Cyber and Digital.

“We’re proud to support the mission of the Christchurch Call, and help combat terrorism and violent extremism online,” said Josh Kallmer, Head of Global Public Policy and Government Relations at Zoom. “At Zoom, we know we can make a more positive impact by collaborating with the wider community of government, industry, and civil society. By becoming a supporter of the Christchurch Call, we look forward to tackling new challenges and making the internet a safer place together.”

Roblox has a high profile, particularly among young people, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to security and civility. "We are pleased to welcome Roblox to the call. Their deep expertise in shared immersive experiences will serve us well as we consider online safety in new spaces like the metaverse," said Paul Ash.

"Safety has been embedded in Roblox’s DNA from day one, and we are committed to working collaboratively with stakeholders across industry and government to protect both the community on Roblox and the broader internet community around the world. We are determined to play whatever role we can in rooting out extremist content and networks online,” said Remy Malan, Vice President of Public Affairs, Roblox.

As the recent attack in Buffalo tragically reminded us, there is still much to be done. Our efforts to prevent the use of the Internet by terrorists and violent extremists will continue, and our commitment remains intact.

The Christchurch Call remains focused on the four priorities identified at the last leaders’ summit in May 2021: building community, increasing transparency of digital companies, improving crisis response, and better understanding the role of algorithms.