France Diplomatie gets a makeover! (January 31, 2017)


France Diplomatie’s modernization is continuing and the site is getting a makeover to celebrate the new year, with a simplified look and feel, easier reading of content, and more space for pictures.

With more than 1.5 million visits each month, the website is the third most-consulted government website. The current version dates back to 2013, so it was time for France Diplomatie to get a new look.

From the very outset, France Diplomatie has been modernized regularly, with constant care to make its services clearer and accessible in just a few clicks.

Aim of the redesign

Three watchwords guided the redesign of the site’s content and services:

1. Simplification

On the homepage

We chose to simplify the browsing experience by grouping together all the navigation bars on France Diplomatie in a single area to improve the site’s look and feel and facilitate access to the content.

In articles

Similarly, access to the information presented in the articles has been facilitated, so as to adapt to user habits, so that it is no longer necessary to go via the homepage to access the site’s content.

2. Easy reading

The most important aspects of the site have been reviewed in particular, to make the content easier to read: hierarchized information, content structure and navigation have thus been simplified.

The aim was also to make the homepage more flexible so as to better keep track of key issues and make France’s foreign policy even clearer.

3. Graphics and multimedia

Graphical and multimedia content, such as infographics, photos, videos and data visualizations, will be central to this new version on all types of screen – like the previous version, the new France Diplomatie will use responsive design.

France Diplomatie in figures

1995 – the year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inaugurated one of the first French government websites, as a pioneer in digital ministerial communication.

0 – the proportion produced by external service providers. The redesign of France Diplomatie was carried out entirely in-house, using a French open-source technology (SPIP).

5 – the number of languages in which France Diplomatie is available.

6 – the number of France Diplomatie versions.

34% – the proportion of visitors viewing France Diplomatie using a smartphone or tablet.