Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State with responsibility for Digital Affairs, delivers the closing keynote speech at the Fondation Alliance française symposium on “The digital future of Alliances françaises” (January 29, 2015)

Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State with responsibility for Digital Affairs, delivered the keynote speech to 500 Alliance françaises presidents and directors from over 80 countries at the end of a three-day symposium on the “digital future of Alliances françaises”.

With locations throughout the world offering French courses and more generally championing cultural diversity, the Alliances françaises centres promote the universal values of mutual respect, freedom of expression and individual emancipation through culture.

The centres have embraced digital technology for both their internal operations and the teaching materials that they use. In so doing, they provide their students with access to the French-speaking world. In her closing keynote speech, Axelle LEMAIRE outlined the main thrusts of France’s digital policy and the Government’s priority of ensuring that this digital revolution involves and is of benefit to everyone both in France and abroad.

In her speech, the Minister stated: “France’s digital policy promotes the same universal values that have drawn and continue to draw students from all over the world towards French culture. I know for sure that the Alliances françaises network is spreading the values of freedom and equality in the pursuit of knowledge, and of solidarity and reciprocal exchange between cultures”.